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eva85hp05 [userpic]


April 29th, 2008 (11:46 am)


Title: A New Beginning 1/?



Characters/Pairing: Little John, Much, OC(4), Robin Hood/OC, Allan/OC
Warnings: Mild Language, angst
Summary: An old friend of Robin comes back after hearing what had happen with Marian. Now with her gone and Will and Djaq staying in the holy land, he needs more help and the new arrivals are the right people to help, or are they?

Disclaimer: I don't own the Robin Hood characters, only the OCs characters.

A/N: I decided to write this after series 2, it just came out of my head after hearing what happen at the end. I didn't do too much research on my medieval studies, so I apologize if some words sound a bit modern to you. Also I just thought of a title just a few seconds ago, it might be change but right now I'm satisfied with this now, hope ya'll like this. . .*cross fingers* and I may have some mistakes so apologizes for that, this is my first fic.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Chapter 1: Brought to life
It was a cold morning in
Sherwood Forest. Five months pass since the death of Marian and the remaining outlaws of Sherwood haven't done anything since coming back from the Holy Land. All Robin would do is sit by a tree and break a quiver and stab it to the ground. He has not been eaten much, they all notice he would just take a bit and than leave it there for the flies and let the food rot. Much was sick and tired of Robin being withdrawn from everyone and everything. A sense of depression had surrounded Nottinhamshire, since everyone knew about Marian. Little John was sitting near the small fireplace as Much was cooking up breakfast, Allan was asleep. It is all they could do for now, they had no orders or what to do next. Than suddenly someone was coming over to their camp. Little John stood up, as well as Much and notice a woman with a basket of food, it was Mary White, Roy's mother,

"Good Morning boys, I brought you more food today." Mary said, settling the basket on the ground.

Mary had come back from the small town far from Nottingham, she heard about what happen and decided to help the outlaws, she even tried talking to Robin, but he refuse to speak to anyone. Mary kept glancing over to where Robin was and look at the Much and Little John who help her with the food and Allan just woken up,

"So. . . how is he?" she asked, Much just shook his head,

"The same. . .*sigh*. . .we really don't know what to do now." Much responded.

"Well, I have some news. I will be working in Knighton; they are building a manor there because someone will be taking care of Knighton." Mary said. Little John look over at Much,

"What? So. . . does that mean someone will take over Edward Fitzwalter's post than?" Much asked,

"I'm afraid so, I will be serving the family, cooking and cleaning, but they say it's a big family it's not just one person living there; his wife, his two children, his two grandchildren and a few more servants."

"That is a big family." Little John said,

"He will be a arriving today from what I was told. They say he is related to Lord Edward." Mary continued, Allan overheard them,

"I didn't know Edward had family." Allan said, Little John just nodded looking down at the ground,

"They always had relatives," Much starting to think who will come, "I just hope they will help us. . . because we surely need help now." He said looking back at Robin as did the others.

Meanwhile in
Nottingham, everything seems to change in the castle, but not the Sheriff. The guards of the Sheriff have been so disgusted by the way the sheriff have been acting, killing the poor, especially those who were living in the abandon moat were brought in and were being hanged and the sheriff would have them hang privately for his entertainment. And as for Guy, he usually doesn't do much, but stay in Locksley manor waiting if there any news of Robin Hood anywhere in Locksley or other villages, now they he had guards working 24/7 for look out of outlaws. He wants Robin and all of his men dead, even Allan-A-Dale for leaving, but Guy knew that he would go back to Robin all along. Guy would sit in his chair waiting, but doesn't show any emotions on what happen back five months ago in the Holy Land. Then one of his guards came in from the door and toward Guy,

"Has there been a sight?" Guy said,

"No Sir Guy, It's been two months and no sight of Robin Hood." The guard said,

"Well, either way, I know he is in
England, he is probably too depress to even rob anyone. Now with the arrival of the new Lord of Knighton, I guess nothing will go wrong." Guy said taking a sip of wine from his goblet.

"Sir, may I ask, is it true that the new Lord of Knighton is an Uncle of the late Lady Marian?" the guard asked nervously. Guy glared at the guard and suddenly Guy rapidly stood up and ran toward the guard. The Guard was being push to the wall and Guy had his hands around his neck, choking him very harshly.

"Don't. . .you. . .ever. . .say. . .her name. . . again!!" He yelled choking the guard so aggressively, than the guard fell to the ground and never got up, he was dead. Guy just stared at him then walked upstairs to his room. Guy had never gotten over Marian's death he still loved her, but was hurt when she told Guy that she still loved Robin. Guy wanted Robin to die he actually wanted everyone to die, including the Sheriff. He did not care what he did, this was the 3rd guard he killed, not just mentioning Marian's name, but for no reason. He would get his anger out by just killing guard after guard, but no one is sure if he really does feel guilty for killing her.

A few days pass and from the south road was a carriage, carry bags and luggage. Inside were two small children, fallen asleep on their seats. One was young boy around the age of 4, with short wavy light brown hair, wearing very clean clothes. The other was a girl, few years older than him, with the same hair color but long and wavy. Across from them was a young man, around the age of 13, with dark brown hair, clean cut and straight. And next to him was someone else, who was hiding behind their cloak asleep. The driver was accompanied by a young girl around the age of 16. She had very golden short hair, with a headband talking with the driver. As they were already in
Sherwood Forest, the young man in the carriage look out and saw the beautiful trees, filled with green leaves since the spring had begun. Suddenly the front right wheel of the carriage hit a sharp rock on the road and broke a piece of the wheel. The Driver almost fell off when the girl next to him grab on to his arm. The children inside quickly woke up, frighten on what just happen. The young man turn to the person next to him, who was still asleep. He got and went over to the driver and the girl,

"What happen?" He asked,

"I think we hit something, Nicholas." said the young girl. The driver was on the left side and started to walk around to the right and saw the broken wheel.

"Oh no," the driver moaned as he brush his hair back. Nicholas heard him as he walk over to where the driver was,

"What was. . . oh no." Nicholas realizes as well what the driver witness.

"I apologizes young Nicholas." said the driver,

"It's alright, we are not that far from Knighton anyways, I'll wake Lillian up." said Nicholas as he went back into the carriage.

Not far from where they were. They gang heard something as well, Much and Little John stood up quickly,

"What was that?" Much asked,

"Let's go check it out than." said Allan enthusiastically getting his bow and quiver. Much and Little John were not that comfortable to be around Allan, after what he had done a few months back. To think that suddenly he wanted to come back, and only they were not sure if they would accept him. Allan too was not feeling comfortable coming back since they would ignore what he would say, not knowing if they were more lies or just trying to convince them. Than again Much and Little John did follow him into the woods. Much turn to see if Robin wanted to come so did Little John and Allan,

"Master, wo-would you want to come?" He asked. Robin was now sitting by the fire where Much would cook the food.

Robin looked up; he took a moment than stood up. Much was about to smile, Robin just gave them all a glare than turn his back at them and walk back to his tree. Much just nodded his head and he lead the way with Little John and Allan following him.

Back to the carriage, the driver and Nicholas were trying to find something to fix the wheel, the young girl went over to them,

"Me and Lillian will go to Knighton to find help." said the soft spoken girl named Hannah,

"Alright, just be careful." said Nicholas, Hannah nodded staring at Nicholas as he and the driver were trying their best to fix the carriage.

"Hannah?" said a voice, she ran over to Lillian as they walk up the road.

Allan, Much and Little John were all hiding behind some trees,

"It seems like they need help." said Much, Allan look and shook his head

"Yeah right, look at the carriage, to buy that kind of carriage, they definitely don't need any help, and we can take something good inside the carriage." said Allan as she got his quiver ready to shoot at the carriage.

Nicholas heard something, he grab the driver's wrist, the driver look at him, as Nicholas signals him to shush. Nicholas than went inside the carriage, the children look at him as he also hush them as well. He signal the young boy to give him his bow and quiver. Allan shot the carriage's side. The Driver jump back, the children gasp,

"You two stay there, do not get out unless I say so." Nicholas commanded the children nodded. Nicholas can see in their faces that they were scared. Nicholas climbs the carriage, getting ready to go on top of it.

"Come out from your hiding and give us all of things." ordered Allan, Much and Little John rolled their eyes, Allan acting has if he was the leader. The Driver looked at Nicholas, who was almost at the top. Nicholas nodded his head to the Driver to go. The driver started walk toward the front with his hands up. Much had his shield and sword, Little John had a staff, as the Driver was still walking right in front of one of the horses. Little John pointed his staff at him,

"Please, leave us, we do not have anything to give you." The driver said nervously,

"I'm not being funny, but with this carriage, I think you do have everything we want, huh?" Said Allan as he lower his bow and walk to the carriage, until suddenly, an arrow pass by him and hit the tree behind him. Much was so close to the arrow, his eyes were bulge out, he turn to look at the arrow than back at the carriage. Little John and Allan look up and saw Young Nicholas with his bow and arrow,

"You leave us alone! We don't give anything to outlaws!" Nicholas yelled,

"I'm not being funny but, who do you think you are?" Allan asked,

"None of your damn business." said Nicholas, Allan chuckled. Much was staring at Nicholas, wondering if he ever seen him before.

"Nick, what's happening?" said a young voice in the carriage,

"Prudence, do not come out, you or Damian." said Nicholas, still glaring at Allan.

"Hey, you are going to do what we tell you to do, ah?" Allan said as he point his bow and arrow back at him, Much turn to Allan and back to Nicholas,

"Allan, what are you doing!?" Much asked nervously,

"Put your bow down, both of you!" said Little John still holding the staff at the driver,

"Why should I put my bow down, he could shot us." said Allan,

"Do what your mate says, put your bow down, I'll put my bow down and leave us alone, so we can fix our carriage, we have to-"

"Oh like we are going to let you go, I am not putting my bow down, unless you give something."

"And if I don't?"

"Than I'll shoot you." said Allan

"Allan you can't do this! He is just a boy and there are children in there!" Yelled Much, afraid that one of them or both of them will get hurt,

"Sir, please, give him something." said the driver who was so afraid of Little John,

"No! All our things belong to us, no outlaw need to steal from us, we know how to protect ourselves."

"Oh, and who are we, you and the driver?"

"No, my sister is headed to Knighton to get help and my niece and nephew are in here." Nicholas explain,

"We don't need to hear your pathetic stories, now give us your money?"

"No!" Nicholas yelled, Allan was getting very irritated by him,

"Give it to me or you'll be shot, I really don't want to shoot you, but you must."

"And who order you to tell me what to do?" Allan groan knowing Nicholas was being smart, Much look down from them and saw big green eyes in the carriage and saw a little girl,

"Allan, let's go, he is actually telling the truth about the child-"

"Shut up Much!" Allan yelled,

"Oh and how would you know that, trying to spy?" Nicholas said looking at Much now,

"Hey! No conversations, give me your money. NOW!" yelled Allan as he pulled the string back,

"No!" Nicholas yelled back at him,

"Alright you asked for it." said Allan as he was about to release the string,

"NO!!!!!" the outlaws, Nicholas and the driver turn their heads to see a young woman; she was standing in front of them. Much, Allan and Little John could not believe their eyes. Allan drop his bow and arrow, turning his whole body to the young woman, Much step a bit closer, passing Allan and than stood there in shock, Nicholas and the driver seem confuse,

"I can't believe it. . . Marian?" he whispered. . .

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *