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eva85hp05 [userpic]

My Vacation back in August

September 17th, 2008 (02:08 pm)
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Well, let's just day I had an ok time. First we went to San Antonio which was awsome. First day we went to Seaworld. The first time I went was when I was six years old, then again when I was 16 and now 22. So skipping years to go there, but something made me suspicious about the care of these animals, while I was looking at the dolphins, I don't know if the dolphins back look like that, but they seem like scars healing, either the caretakers strictly punish them or that is how they came to the park that why. But my mom said it must the the print the people leave one when they are touch, So I did touch the dolphin on its nose but I didn't leave a mark. But my dad bought food for them and we would feed one, but we had nomore and my dad offer it a soda and somehow that dolphin understood and practically jump a bit high, which was pretty funny. Then later it was started to rain so we had to wait and decided to go have a drink especially my dad since they were giving out free beer. .. awsome. So then it rain again and this time harder. Just as long we enjoy seeing animals since I am an animal lover, didn't get on the rides because I never liking going on alone no one wanted to go on with me which sux. So then we stayed at the hotel all night and saw the closing of the olympics which is great that is going to London in 2012, hopefully by that time I'll be *wink*. . . or not, lol. So the next day we went to the river walk and let me say, it is the most romantic play you will ever go, if you want a maybe a cheap honeymoon go there because it is beautiful, my brother went there twice for his honeymoon and loved it. My sister really found it for us since we knew about it but never went but now everyone is going alot more. I like it when there is hardly any people which is the best time, mostly in the morning until 3pm is the best and during the week not weekend. it was a Beautiful day and saw and took pictures which I post on myspace. So the next day we have to go to Del Rio because that Sunday the family will have a surprise party for my uncle who just turn 70.  So one thing I really wanted to do in Acuña was to eat the Tacos Tapatios and the super pollo which was served at my sister's wedding in 1997. Oh did I miss that food, the best homemade stuff ever. I did some cooking as well, chilli dogs, lol but wanted my cousin to taste it cause she never tasted it before which she really liked them after all.

So far I wasn't able to see my cousin Yesenia, because later my uncle whose birthday party we had, got sick and had to be sent to the hospital even if he didn't want to go, but my dad talk to him since were going back home the next day. But that day my uncle was sent to San Antonio to get check with a specialist. It was a small town which didn't had a doctor who knew anything about Kidneys, which was the problem he had that his kidneys were failing. But the good news is that he is better and so far everything went great.

Thats how my trip went, and I am going back in November to Bapitize my cousin's baby. So that is how my vacation was. Peace out.