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eva85hp05 [userpic]

So what's going on?

February 18th, 2009 (12:15 pm)

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So anywho. . . last weekend I took care of my niece Isabel, so far she behave well. For a 3 month (that day) yeah, she didn't cry so much with me, which was great, plus it gave me time to watch "Waking the Dead" with Joe Armstrong in it.

I think he did a great job, and the second episode left us with a cliff hanger so we can see what happen next. But it great to finally see this one, because last year in March or April, they showed this episode but I miss for watching something else and I was so mad at myself. So anyways, I asked my brother if he can record it for me, just in case I miss it, and I did, so it's a good thing he did that for me. Hey its a favor, I take care of his kid and he can record a show for me, lol. And the little boy who plays Joe's character as the young version of Jason, he looks soo much like Joe, he could be his son. But he was so adorable even if you could only see him for a bit. Though I got very confuse at the end, when you saw that lady taking little Jason, then going to take little Cindy, but if that lady kept Cindy, where did she take Jason, I got very confuse there, they probably said it but I didn't pay close attention to it.

So school has been going well for me, taking a few classes, but I need to start taking those test on the computer and soon and later taking the exam so I can exit out and start my career subjects, but I am still not sure if I want to do musical theatre or veterinary assistant. Everyone knows I am very musical and that I love animals, but I still need to know what I really want to do, I can do both, but I have to choice one to be my major and soon.

So next sunday my niece will be baptize, my sister and brother-in-law will be the Godparents, even if they said they didn't want to be godparents anymore, and hey they can never say no, because what we believe is that a baby ghost will haunt you. . . you see that I am very superstious, well the whole family really, but I don't mind. Well that's all for now.